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We gather more information about lettuce and hydroponics.

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Lettuce and Hydroponics – Part 1

We get some tips on raising lettuce and visit a farm that grows vegetables year round in a hydroponics greenhouse. [watch video]

Posted on 07.28.10

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Goats and Soap Making

We are introduced to Nigerian Dwarf goats on the Hobby Farm, then we meet Donna and her herd of Mini-Nubian goats on Spotted Hill Farm to learn about milking and soap making. [watch video]

Posted on 07.26.10

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Strawberries to Strawberry Jam

We visit a local pick-your-own berry farm and make strawberry jam. [watch video]

Posted on 07.16.10

Bees – From Hive to Honey

We learn beekeeping basics from hive to honey with a local beekeeper. [watch video]

Posted on 07.16.10